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I almost always adjust my clients snacks before I even come close to touching their meals. Experience has shown me it’s way easier to do it in that order. Do not forget to have a can opener on hand to open all of those canned foods in your pantry. They are of no use if you cannot get what is inside of them. beef jerky. Okay, I don’t think I have to really expand on this. Anyone that EVER brings beef jerky to a party should be lit on fire with the lighter they most likely bought as well.

If you must make a reference to beef jerky being the ultimate compliment to porn, you may do so. I’m not touching that one. Make sure to choose 100 percent fruit juices that are not packed with sugar, preservatives, or other additives. Electrolyte drinks are also good to have on hand. A. If you are traveling with cold foods, bring a cooler with a cold source. If you are cooking, use a hot campfire or portable stove. It is difficult to keep food hot without a heat source when traveling, so it’s best to cook foods before leaving home, refrigerate or freeze the food overnight, and transport it cold.

This allows you to still eat your COMFORT FOODS while forcing you to eat less of them. No willpower is needed here. Make your own soups and salads. Don’t buy pre-made ones. By eating these first, you CROWD OUT your favorite food calories. For most people, our favorite foods aren’t healthy. So this must be done. Fathers who happen to be bibliophiles provide a world of options. Find a book he has been wanting but is now out of print. Call around to used bookstores or look online.

He won’t care if the book isn’t new; it is the content that is of interest. You can also gift him with one of his favorite books on a CD, so he can play it in the car on the way to work. Masculine bookmarks and reading lights will also fit into the basket nicely.