Oh son! it Is Time For Beef Jerky

As we near the end of an appetizer, our minds start thinking about dessert possibilities. Yes, so soon. Sometimes even while being seated or while passing other people’s desserts. Dogs have a sweet tooth (did you know that cats can’t taste ‘sweet’?) but prepackaged cookies and candy are not a good idea. If you bake cookies, such as oatmeal, it’s permissible for your dog to have a small one as a special treat. Chocolate can be poisonous to dogs so chocolate chip cookies are definitely a no-no.

And don’t think that just because your dog didn’t get sick when he ate that first chocolate bar that he won’t get sick now. The mermaid is told that short-lived humans have an eternal soul that lives on in heaven, while mermaids die after about 300 years and simply turn to “sea foam”. So she gives up the bird in the hand for the two in the bush and takes the Sea Witch’s deal that includes legs and crazy dancing ability in exchange for her tongue. And though she can walk and dance, it is only under the worst pain imaginable.

Poor unfortunate soles! And if the prince marries another, it will be Sea Foam City for the mermaid. Dehydrated food is usually taken as survival food. It can be brought in camping trips, outings, and the like. It is also one of the most common choices that are included in emergency survival kits. The foods that are usually dehydrated include beef (beef jerky), pork (prosciutto), vegetables, and fruits. Canned fish and meat is also very easy to store in your pantry, and you can use then in a variety of different dishes.

Canned tuna is an excellent source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Many clear plastic display containers come with lids. Tamper beef jerky evident lids are a good idea when considering food displays. With the tamper evident lid there will be no second-guessing whether you products have been corrupted. Plus, if you need to move displays around, the lids will help keep things from accidentally spilling. Wealthy Wonders products are second to none!

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